CI Review: Charles Schwab’s New IRA Sitelet

by on Apr 14, 2014

To best serve their customers and keep them well-informed, charles_schwab_blue_sqfinancial firms provide an enormous amount of content on their websites. As a result, site visitors may feel overwhelmed by all the information. A remedy for this issue is the sitelet. Sitelets can be a great strategy for marketing specific content that is already available on the firm’s main website. They slim down the amount of content displayed, help to increase a firm’s website traffic and, without requiring users to navigate through interim pages, help direct users toward the information they are seeking.

Recently, Charles Schwab added a new IRA sitelet that aims to provide information on Schwab IRAs and helps to direct users to related IRA pages on the firm’s public website. More specifically, the sitelet provides content on how to open a Schwab IRA, lists the different types of IRAs, and includes an IRA-specific FAQs section. In addition, the IRA sitelet does an excellent job of making navigation between the sitelet and main website pages easy, and helps direct users to their desired content without having to search around aimlessly.

Charles Schwab IRA Sitelet (Truncated)
Content on the Charles Schwab IRA sitelet is divided into four intra-page tabs – Easy to Open, Roth or Traditional IRA, Rollover IRA, and Quick Answers. All of the tabs include summarized IRA information and provide links to pre-existing IRA pages located on the Charles Schwab public website. For example, the Roth or Traditional IRA intra-page provides a table comparing the features of a Roth and Traditional IRA, while also providing links directly to multiple Roth and Traditional IRA pages located on the firm’s public website. If it were not for the IRA sitelet, users might have a more difficult time of locating Roth vs. Traditional IRA information on the firm’s public website.

Charles Schwab Easy to Open Intra-Page
Closing Thoughts
A great strength of the Charles Schwab IRA sitelet is that the content consists of fundamental information. This allows users to easily find the information they need and not become confused by unwanted details. The intra-page tabs are labeled in an easy-to-understand manner and the sitelet provides straightforward navigation that helps direct users towards IRA-related pages within the firm’s public site.