CI Review – Citi ThankYou Point Sharing Facebook App

by on Jan 09, 2012

altCitibank launched a new Facebook application, the Citi ThankYou Point Sharing App. This new app allows ThankYou Rewards members to pool points together with their Facebook friends and use them collectively towards a shared goal or reward. Pooled points can be redeemed towards charitable donations or a variety of rewards ranging from travel to electronics.

Members use their ThankYou Rewards username and password to sync their ThankYou account with the Facebook app. This allows members to access account information such as available points directly from the app. The fact that members are not required to use their online account login makes the app more secure.

App Design & Usability
The Citi ThankYou Point Sharing App is divided into three tabs – Welcome, Create a Pool and Your Pools. Users’ available points amount and points they can share are found on the right-hand side of each tab, with links for the Citi ThankYou Rewards Wishlist and GiftBack Card pages provided at the bottom. 

The Welcome tab provides information and examples on the three different pooling options. Pools can be started for a group, friend or for yourself. The Welcome tab also lists your Facebook friends that have the Citi ThankYou Point Sharing App and your existing point pools.

Pool Creation
Members can create a pool by answering a series of questions divided into four sections. First, users must select which of the three pool options they would like to create. Next, they must indicate what the pool is for (e.g. wish list item, cause or points). In the following section, members must enter a Point Pool name and Point Goal Amount and have the option to enter a description for the pool and end date. Finally, members are provided with a list of Facebook friends that have already installed the app can choose to add them to their pool.

To celebrate the launch of the new Citi ThankYou Point Sharing Facebook App, Citi announced in a recent press release that they are also giving away 10 million ThankYou points to qualifying ThankYou members on Facebook. The first 4,000 ThankYou Rewards members to link the ThankYou Point Sharing App to their personal Facebook page before midnight on February 3, 2012 will receive 2,500 ThankYou points, which they will see in their ThankYou account within 72 hours after linking the app.

Final Thoughts
Citi’s ThankYou Point Sharing Facebook App is an innovative addition to the firm’s growing selection of social media resources. The app makes it easier for ThankYou Rewards members to move points around and offers them a new way to reach rewards goals. The app interface is well-thought out with large tabs and a centralized design that makes key features and account information easy to access.

Citi ThankYou Point Sharing Facebook App