CI Review: Economical Driving Apps

by on Feb 27, 2014

Many Property and Casualty firms tend to be more forward-thinking in terms of technology, and some are coming up with inventive ways to help customers fuelmetermake
more informed and economical decisions. With the recent additions of Esurance’s Fuelcaster tool and Liberty Mutual’s FuelIQ app, firms are targeting a key expense for consumers – the cost of driving.


Esurance’s Fuelcaster
Esurance introduced a new feature – Fuelcaster – as a tool on their website and mobile site. Esurance teamed up with GasBuddy to pool prices from gas stations nationwide and pair them with pricing signals to create a prediction for an area. Fuelcaster allows drivers to locate the cheapest gas within five miles of their location, and recommends whether they should buy or wait depending on the forecasted price of gas.

The consumer has the option to enter their ZIP code or use their current location. Both search methods display an option for closest gas stations (and their respective prices) or to sort gas stations by price from lowest to highest.

Fuelcaster Gas Prediction
Fuelcaster Gas Prediction
Click the icon of a gas station and a new tab of Google Maps opens to provide directions to the chosen gas station. The graphics of the Esurance Fuelcaster change from green when it thinks you should buy, to red when it thinks you should wait, based on its prediction of future gas prices. Other features include the ability to save a location and to share through email, Facebook and Twitter.

Liberty Mutual’s FuelIQ
Liberty Mutual’s FuelIQ app for iPhone allows drivers to measure the fuel efficiency of their driving. The app takes the phone’s GPS data recorded from a trip and produces an efficiency rating between zero and 100. The more fuel the driver saves by driving sensibly, the higher the score. Subsequently, the FuelIQ app will provide guidance on how to improve the score.

FuelIQ Eco Points
FuelIQ Eco Points
Closing Thoughts
A user does not have to hold a policy with either Esurance, or Liberty Mutual to use either tool or app. Both of these features leverage the latest technology to assist users in becoming more economical in their driving, a smart way for firms to build a helpful and positive brand image.