CI Review – HSBC Unveils Revamped Public Site

by on May 24, 2012

altHSBC recently revamped their public site making them the third Bank Monitor firm to perform a public site update since the start of the year. The other two firms are Chase and E*TRADE. 

New Features

HSBC revamped their site by implementing a new homepage, ubiquitous login link and redesigned product pages. The homepage does a good job of promoting the firm’s offerings through its new scrolling banner which currently contains four promotions. This is an improvement on the previous homepage which only displayed one promotion. The revamped product pages feature three embedded tabs that effectively organize and convey each product’s features. Finally, the new login link – which is now permanently positioned in the site’s header – makes it easier to access the login page and saves users time.

Navigation Upgrades

The site’s navigation now relies on a new main navigation menu with flyouts as well as a series of quicklinks leading to key content including product pages, education, customer service and branch/ATM locators. Previously, the homepage featured only a main navigation menu and submenus and lacked the new comprehensive system of quicklinks.

Closing Thoughts

With the new enhancements, HSBC has significantly improved navigation making key content more easily accessible throughout the website. The public site also does a much better job of promoting its offerings, effectively showcasing its line-up of products and services. 

HSBC Public Homepage