CI Review: Merrill Edge Financial Learning Center

by on Mar 17, 2014

Following the lead of Fidelity’s Money Firsts and responsive_design2 Charles Schwab’s Money Wise, Merrill Edge became the third e-Monitor firm to launch an educational sitelet that focuses on basic money management lessons and tips. TheMerrill Edge Financial Learning Center features responsive Web design and contains a wide variety of valuable educational content that is also available on the Merrill Edge public site.

Key Features and Content
The Merrill Edge Financial Learning Center provides a host of financial resources for people in different life stages. The sitelet provides articles, videos, calculators, webinars and tutorials that educate users on how to budget income and expenses, save for retirement, purchase or sell a home and manage finances with a significant other among other personal financial topics. In addition, each page conveniently links to theSchedule a Consultation and Financial Professional Locator tools for interested prospects.

Merrill Edge Financial Learning Center
Responsive Design
While the Merrill Edge Financial Learning Center does not include the “tiles” commonly seen on tablet-friendly pages, the sitelet does implement a responsive web design that adjusts the entire layout so that it is compatible on smaller screens. This is extremely beneficial for users who access the sitelet through mobile devices and tablets. In addition, the sitelet includes a customizable “Show Me” section that allows users to browse topics by format: Featured, Articles, Calculators, Webinars, Tutorials, and Videos.
Merrill Edge Financial Learning Center – Responsive Web Design

Closing Thoughts
Sitelets that aim to educate investors on saving, spending, investing, and borrowing are becoming increasingly popular among financial institutions. They are an effective way to communicate personal finance basics and the Merrill Edge Financial Learning Center is no exception. In addition to the quality content, the sitelet’s responsive Web design allows users to learn personal financial concepts on the go using their tablets and mobile devices. This allows Merrill Edge to effectively reach a wider audience.