CI Review – New Dreyfus Investor Private Site

by on Jun 20, 2012

altDreyfus unveiled a redesigned private investor site, adopting the NextGen platform of its parent company, BNY Mellon. The new private site employs multiple tabs of dropdown menus, greatly improving the organization of information on the client site. Previously, the site merely listed links to common functions, such as transaction history.

Added Login Security
Dreyfus introduced a two-step login to the private investor site for increased security. The new login process features a security image, a popular tool against fraud employed by many Mutual Fund Monitor firms including Vanguard, T. Rowe Price and MFS, among others. Investors now enter their username on the initial screen before being led to a second screen which asks for their password and displays the new security image.

Design & Navigation Enhancements
The new private site offers five tabs: Portfolio, Account Information, Trading, Account Options and Profile. Each tab includes a rollover dropdown menu, providing direct access to investor functions. Now, portfolio snapshots, statements, and trading tools are all one click away from the landing page, and the multi-tab system improves the logical layout of the site. The site also benefits from the addition of allocation pie charts to help investors quickly gain a sense of their investments. Dreyfus is not the first Mutual Fund Monitor firm to use BNY Mellon’s NextGen platform; ING has been using the same system for some time.

Closing Thoughts

Dreyfus’ private site revamp is a marked improvement for the firm. Investors will be pleased to see the improved functionality and layout, which make it easier to access and visualize key account information.

New Dreyfus Investor Private Site