CI Review – optionsXpress Idea Hub

by on Aug 16, 2012

altoptionsXpress combined several pre-existing screeners and strategy resources to create a new all-in-one Idea Hub research and trading tool for the private investor site. The tool contains four distinct screens or “Pods” – Big Movers, Earnings, Premium Harvesting and Covered Calls. Clients may perform research, view charts and trade from within the tool. A new Trade Details page accessible throughout the tool displays pricing, volatility and performance information for each security as well as Profit & Loss and Probability charts.

Idea Hub Pods

Big Movers – uses screens from the pre-existing optionsXpress Dragon tool, and it lists securities viewable by the following categories: Large Daily Change Open Interest, Increase in Stock Volume, Increase in Implied Volatility, Large Option Volume Change – Equities, Large Option Volume Change – Indices & ETFs and Money Flows. Each security lists the company name and a varying array of data points depending on the aforementioned viewing criteria. For example, each security listed when a client opts to view the page by Increase in Stock Volume displays the security name, Volume Change (as a percentage); Stock Volume; and Average Stock Volume.

optionsXpress Idea Hub – Big Movers


Earnings – The Earnings Idea page uses the optionsXpress Earnings Calendar to list the top 15 optionable stocks by largest average daily volume with earnings in the next seven calendar days. Each security listed on the Earnings page displays the following information: Earnings Date, Security Name and Optionable Action, Bearish-Bullish Scale (as on the Big Movers page), Cost of Position and Position Break Even.

Premium Harvesting – This page provides options credit spread ideas based on broad-based indices, and several other factors. Clients can filter investments by: Only Indices and Exclude Indices. The screener results displayed on the Premium Harvesting page list the security name, Return on Risk (%), Credit Received, Volatility Benchmark and Bearish-Bullish scale.

Covered Calls – The Covered Calls Ideas page displays “write ideas on underlyings that have at least 1,000,000 shares average daily volume and implied volatility levels 10 and 60.” The screener results listed on the Covered Calls page display the security name, Static Return, Covered Call Return %, Break Even and Bullish-Bearish scale. The View By options unique to this page are Static Return, Break Even and Covered Call Return.

optionsXpress Idea Hub – Covered Calls

Closing Thoughts

The Idea Hub tool integrates several tools into a single interface, which will expose investors to pre-screens and research they had not previously used. The ease of navigation within the Idea Hub tool makes researching optionable securities extremely easy, and the smooth integration of the All-in-One Trade Ticket will allow clients to quickly segue between the research and execution stages in the investment process.