CI Review – PIMCO Unveils Major Site Redesign

by on Mar 27, 2013

PIMCO LogoLast week, PIMCO launched a redesigned Advisor site, featuring a new homepage, reorganized content and a bold new look. A complete recap of the changes and new features can be found in the latest Advisor Monitor Update (Login Required, Must Be Advisor Monitor Subscriber). Here, we will take a look at the most significant additions and enhancements to the site.

Site Design & Homepage
Users will immediately notice the clean, minimalist layout featured throughout the revamped site. The new design is most apparent on the homepage, which now features larger, richer images, an improved fund browser, and an excellent new footer that mirrors the main menu. Content is stretched to the edges of the screen and the user never gets the sense that anything is missing or out of reach.


New PIMCO Homepage
New PIMCO Homepage

Expandable Panel Design
Some areas of the previous PIMCO website allowed users to show or hide certain on-screen content, in much the same way that one can minimize a window on their personal computer. This design feature is generally known as “expandable panels”, and the new PIMCO site applies it to more content areas than before.

The revamped Investment Education section is a great example of the usability benefits expandable panel design offers. Previously, users searching for information and documents about topics such as Asset Allocation, Inflation, etc. had to navigate a disconnected series of subheadings. Each subheading only offered a small description before directing users to an obscure list of related documents more than halfway down the screen. The implementation of expandable panels lets the user see all topics on screen at once, and expanding each section reveals generous thumbnails of supporting documents.



Expandable Panels in Action
Expandable Panels in Action

Closing Thoughts
The new design and organizational features of PIMCO’s revamped site place it among the best in our Advisor Monitor coverage group. The homepage is the most improved aspect of the website, as the new layout optimizes the real estate on the screen and features enhanced aesthetics. The expanding panels are an important addition and bolster the site’s usability. It will be interesting to see if other firms adopt similar designs for their own sites.