CI Review – Revamped Fidelity Stock Research Strategy Testing Tool

by on Aug 30, 2012

Fidelity recently revamped its Stock Research Strategy Testing tool.  The tool now consists of three sections titled Select a Strategy, Test and Monitor. The overall design and navigation of the tool has been improved as drop-down menus  have been replaced with the ability to simply mouse over the  different strategies to view details. The new Monitor section (available only to clients) is the most noteworthy addition, allowing clients to thoroughly review created strategies to determine if they are viable to trade.

Another aspect of the tool which is greatly improved are the testing results in the Test section. The new results screen allows clients to select from a wide assortment of views including Equity Curve, Performance, By Symbol, Trades, Draw Down, Distribution and Alerts. Each of these views is easily accessible from the right side of the screen. The Test section also allows clients to save the strategy and add it to the new Monitor tab.
Closing Thoughts
The revamped Stock Research Strategy Testing tool provides users with detailed information, larger displays and a more organized navigation structure. Fidelity remains the only e-Monitor firm to offer clients a trade strategy testing resource. Clients should be pleased as the revamp of the tool brought about improvements across the board.