CI Review – Transamerica Retirement Outlook Estimator App

by on Aug 01, 2013

Transamerica Retirement Solutions has introduced an impressive app for plan participants. The new Retirement Outlook Estimator app is available on iOS and Android and expands access to the pre-existing online version of the tool to mobile users.

The mobile version operates similarly to the online Retirement Outlook Estimator, providing users with an easily understandable retirement projection using a weather-themed retirement forecast. Four retirement forecasts are available: Sunny, Partially Sunny, Cloudy and Rainy. The estimator asks users to enter personal information prior to generating a forecast, including retirement account balance, annual salary and deferral rate. The projection is saved to the app and may be amended at any time. The free app also allows users to share their retirement outlook with friends through Facebook.

Transamerica Retirement Outlook Estimator App – Facebook Share Screen
Transamerica Retirement Outlook Estimator App – Facebook Share Screen
Transamerica also released a sitelet containing a web version of the Retirement Outlook Estimator tool. Like the app, the sitelet is publicly available and has similar inputs. It also offers additional forecast scenarios. Facebook integration is not offered on the sitelet.

Closing Thoughts
The increased availability of the Retirement Outlook Estimator tool represented a substantial effort on the part of Transamerica to engage prospects and plan participants alike in a candid conversation about their retirement future. The firm has specifically focused on increasing visibility of the tool’s results among plan participants, embedding their retirement forecasts on both the participant site homepage and the home screen of the participant-only My TRS Retire mobile app.