CI Spotlight – Fidelity Mobile

by on Dec 05, 2012

fidelity_green_logoThe second half of 2012 has been an exciting time to cover mobile finance, with firms continuing development around check deposits, funds transfers, credit card rewards, account visualizations and more. One of the most active firms this year is Fidelity, which has re-envisioned its iPhone and iPad apps with the user in mind.

Unique Tablet Research Tools
Fidelity updated its iPad app in November with powerful interactive research tools. Watch lists on the iPad now offer performance chart and heatmap views, and Trefis-powered tools provide users with detailed company analysis and forecasts.

These research tools are unique among the firms Corporate Insight tracks, but are smart additions suited to the way consumers actually use tablets. While on-the-go investors might need to use their smartphone to access real-time stock prices, a tablet is more useful for relaxed but focused deep-dives into investment ideas and strategies. Thus, it makes sense to offer consumers a rich iPad experience that uses the device’s larger screen to enhance the presentation of information and perspectives.

Fidelity iPad App

Smartphone Menus and Customization
A few weeks after the iPad app revamp, Fidelity unveiled redesigned iPhone and Android apps, with an emphasis on convenience and customizability. Instead of a taskbar at the bottom of the screen, the app now employs an expanding left-side menu that can be accessed by tapping the list icon or swiping across the top banner. The apps also open to new home screens, customized to include “tiles” or “cards” covering market research, quotes, watch lists and accounts.

Although new to Fidelity, this menu style may already be familiar to mobile users.  It’s a design that’s been popularized by Facebook and other companies, and is starting to catch on in the financial services industry. The menu makes all key screens available in a matter of a few taps. Clients can further benefit by having their preferred information available immediately upon launching the app from the customizable home display.

Fidelity iPhone App

Closing Thoughts
Fidelity has done a good job maintaining its leadership in mobile finance. The new features include both ground-breaking tools and smart repackaging of existing content that demonstrate that Fidelity has a sound strategy for investing in its mobile services.