Citi Innovation Loop Delivers Social Feedback

by on Apr 17, 2012

altIn late 2011, Citi unveiled a new social feedback site where public users and clients alike can preview the firm’s latest products and services and share comments. The Citi Innovation Loop site aims to use customer feedback to improve the tools and resources offered by the firm. Citi joined the ranks of American Express and Discover in providing dedicated social websites where clients could provide feedback.

Social Feedback Functionalities
The Citi Innovation Loop site is publicly available and all visitors may access product and service information pages, read comments and answer poll questions. However, users must register for the site before sharing thoughts and leaving or “liking” comments.

The Innovation Loop homepage highlights recently launched products and services both with a dedicated section and prominent rotating banner at the top. Currently, the firm is promoting the ThankYou Rewards App, Google Wallet, Citi Price Rewind and Citibank for iPad. The homepage also features recent user comments, surveys and links to Citi’s Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages.

Dedicated pages are provided for each product/service featuring additional details and the opportunity for registered users to share their thoughts and comment on or “like” other user’s thoughts. Each page contains an informative introductory paragraph at the top and displays up to 30 customer reviews. Citi moderators are diligent about responding to user comments, thanking them for contributing and offering helpful thoughts. This type of engagement from the firm’s end is important in continuing the conversation and enticing other to contribute.

Citi Innovation Loop – Homepage & Citi Price Rewind Product Page (left to right)

Closing Thoughts
Citi has done an excellent job with the Innovation Loop site, allowing clients and the general public to have an impact on the services the firm provides. The site is mutually beneficial to both the firm and its customer base and the open, transparent design coupled with the value-added by Citi moderators creates a comfortable environment for users to share their thoughts.