Columbia Threadneedle Enhances Advisor Experience with Streamlined Fund Visualizations

by on Aug 01, 2018

Columbia Threadneedle redesigned its advisor-facing fund profiles with a focus on improved usability, enhanced visuals and better promotion of the fund’s value proposition. Each fund profile features an anchored navigation menu at the top of page, more in line with industry standards. Fund filtering options are now asset-class-based rather than just alphabetical, and added visuals help illustrate information, such as the Risk vs. Return graph and an interactive pie chart that highlights the top 10 sectors. Placing emphasis on the fund’s goal and strategies, new messaging populates the header and overview sections.

Significant changes include:

Asset-Class-Based Filtering Options

Better Messaging, More Upfront Options

The robust header and Overview section now provide key data, quick links and customized messages that boost the firm’s recognition and outline the fund’s investing goals. The header offers a snapshot of Morningstar performance, including the rating, category and overall risk. Links to download a PDF of the fact sheet and prospectus allow advisors to access fund literature quickly. The previous header only offered a subscribe option and a dropdown menu for class and fund.

Fund Header

Comprehensive Summary of Data

The Overview section emphasizes information that is important to advisors, listing three potential benefits specific to the fund in bold. An embedded video explains the investment approach and includes links to investor materials such as videos, brochures and commentaries. The Portfolio Managers section now highlights industry experience and fund tenure.


Interactive Data Visualizations

Charts and graphs are essential to demonstrating performance and provide a visual aid to help understand figures. The previous profile only featured tables outlining total return performance, Morningstar rating, calendar year returns and risk. The Performance section now includes a Growth of a $10,000 Investment chart with mouseover capabilities that compares the fund to a benchmark. The Total Return Performance figures include a chart display for varying time periods. Calendar Year Returns also offers a chart option with a mouseover feature for benchmark and Morningstar comparison.

Performance Charts

Enhanced Organization of Literature

The Literature section features several new enhancements to help categorize resources. Literature is now separated out by product or regulatory resources. Labels identify whether the pieces are PDFs or PPTs, and padlock icons denote advisor materials. The bottom of the fund profile highlights related commentaries and products. Three related mutual funds or ETFs provide alternatives to the fund.