Coming Together: Capital One and Capital One 360 Unification

by on Oct 26, 2018

Over the last few years, Capital One 360 gradually lost aspects of its own branding, moving toward a unified design with Capital One and an improved user experience. The 360 branding changed its design, navigation and content to merge with the legacy branding. Here’s a timeline of the unification, which began in January of 2016:

January 2016 – The firm informed customers via email of upcoming changes to 360 branding, such as contact information, color scheme and logo.

Upcoming Changes Email Notification

February 2016 – Capital One 360 rebranded its public and private site with a new Capital One logo and color scheme.

November 2016 – Capital One 360 adopted the Capital One public site main navigation static header within both its public and private sites.

December 2016 – Capital One dissolved the entire 360 public site, and the firm integrated all 360 products onto the Capital One public-facing website. Prospective clients could still apply for 360 branded accounts online—a feature that is not available for Capital One deposit accounts. Additionally, the firm removed the Capital One 360 section from the public site Sign In page.

February 2017 – The firm shortened the login process by including Capital One and 360 account selection options in a Sign In dropdown menu.

May 2017 – Capital One added a Resources to Explore option within the public site Bank main menu dropdown, which included 360 products and services. The firm also introduced the public site Open a Bank Account page—which offered a centralized location to choose between different 360 deposit accounts offerings—as well as the Bank Account Interest Rates page that centralized information about balance tiers and rates for all 360 deposit accounts. Currently, these pages only offer information on 360 products. A post-login account selection landing page listed account options in tiles with a relevant logo icon and specific account type.

August 2017 – As a result of the ongoing integration of Capital One and 360 products, Capital One stopped promoting the Essential Checking, High Yield Checking and Essential Savings accounts. Instead, the firm only included 360 accounts on the public site, removing all other accounts as well as premium debit cards.

December 2017 – The firm removed the Sign In page—which previously displayed all relevant account type login options—and replaced it with an existing page containing embedded fields for username and password, resulting in a unified login experience for consumer accounts. After submission, the firm asked users which accounts they were attempting to access, if applicable.

September 2018 – Capital One overhauled its banking private site for Capital One and 360 clients to house account information and servicing in a unified design. Previously, the firm hosted unique sites for each brand, and clients would select which they wanted to access after login. The updated homepage is minimalist in style and offers accounts in tiles, with Capital One and 360 accounts displaying their respective logos.


Updated Capital One Private Site Homepage

The firm’s gradual changes eased clients into this transition. For clients who were previously frustrated at the disjointed experience of navigating from one website to another, this restructuring offers a more seamless and enhanced experience.