Consulting Insights March 2016 Issue

by on Mar 10, 2016


The March 2016 issue of Consulting Insights is now available!  Our feature article shares some of the findings from our study Next-Generation Investing 2015: Digital Advice Matures on activity of incumbent investment firms in the digital advice space. We explore the latest trends in mobile finance innovation. We profile the HENRY (“high earners no rich yet”) segment and discuss implications for the financial advice industry. Finally, we review health insurers’ online learning centers which educate members on wellness and health conditions.

Inside the March 2016 Issue:

  • Incumbents Respond to Digital Advice Startups
  • Mobile Finance Innovators Thrive in a Mobile-Centric World
  • HENRYs and the Financial Advice Industry: Targeting Younger, High-Potential Clients
  • Online Health and Wellness Centers: Rich in Content, Poor in Engagement and Searchability

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