ATM Interface Analysis

The Challenge

atmA banking client was planning to upgrade its ATM user interface and wanted us to benchmark its own offering against those of its competitors.

There were two goals:

The Solution

Corporate Insight took three lines of approach. First, using our Bank Monitor accounts, we visited the competitors’ ATMs and developed a site map for each firm’s interface. This map documented the major paths from start screen to transaction completion (for core and accessible functions), allowing the client to see how the competitors moved users through the multitude of options increasingly available on newer ATMs.

Second, we developed a matrix that benchmarked the core and advanced capabilities of each competitor’s ATM, capturing more than 60 functions.

Third, we provided the client with a best practices report that detailed each competitor’s offering and included photographs of its ATM interface. The best practices analysis focused on five key areas:

The Impact

Our research helped the client determine where next-generation ATMs were heading, which pointed its planning team in the right direction. The client so valued the research that it re-engaged us three years later to assess subsequent industry changes and benchmark its ATM interface against the current generation of competitor offerings.