Head-to-Head Audit Jumpstarts Technology Integration Process

The Challenge

information_technologyOne of the nation’s largest brokerage firms purchased a major competitor. The buyer needed to understand how its existing site stacked up against the newly acquired firm’s website in order to integrate the two into one new and improved platform. The firm contacted Corporate Insight a few weeks after the merger was announced to request an objective, head-to-head comparison of the two sites, identifying the best and worst aspects of each. The deadline was urgent – this research needed to be completed before the firm could make several critical technology decisions.

The Solution

To conduct this analysis, Corporate Insight used the Brokerage Website Audit methodology, our comprehensive benchmarking framework. The Audit divides the brokerage website into nine categories (e.g., Account Information), 55+ sub-categories (e.g., Account History) and nearly 300 attributes (e.g., History Download). Each attribute receives a grade on a 4-point scale (Poor = 1.0, Fair = 2.0, Good = 3.0 and Excellent = 4.0) using our objective, pre-defined grading criteria.

To further refine the results, an importance ranking was assigned to each category, sub-category and attribute. These rankings were determined using our investor survey report (link), an extensive survey that asks over 1,000 investors to rate the importance of various brokerage website features.

The Impact

Four weeks after Corporate Insight agreed to conduct the research, we presented our client with a detailed report that identified the strengths and weaknesses of the competitor platform they acquired relative to their existing platform. This helped the merger integration team choose which features from each site to keep and which to eliminate. The client told us that the research was exactly what they needed and helped the firm shorten the website integration process by a few weeks. It was also used to set development priorities for the next generation version of the unified website.