Digital Audits

Our Digital Audit service provides clients with an in-depth assessment of their digital platforms versus competitors’ to identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement. Clients use this service to understand how their capabilities stack up against peers, as well as to set development priorities, educate business partners and vendors, and secure funding for necessary improvements. We evaluate all aspects of the client firm’s public and secure customer web and mobile platforms by analyzing design, functionality and usability across hundreds of attributes. We provide an overall score along with scores for individual features for all evaluated firms. Our Audit report includes easy-to-understand gap analysis charts and actionable recommendations for enhancing our clients’ digital platforms. Each Audit offers the following:

  • Competitor benchmarking and consumer demographic insights – The Audit identifies strengths and weaknesses relative to competitors and assesses your site’s effectiveness in serving key demographic groups–mass affluent, active traders, etc.
  • Tailored recommendations to improve your site –The Audit report provides dozens of actionable recommendations to help improve the overall user experience on your client website. We provide your scores and the scores of all competitors at the category, sub-category and attribute levels, allowing you to perform varying degrees of competitive analysis.
  • Scores reflecting consumer preferences – Audit scores are determined by more than website evaluations. We conduct a large-scale customer survey to determine the relative importance of each category, subcategory and attribute to key customer groups. The weightings created with survey data increase the precision of our Audit scores.
  • Comprehensive executive summary – The final report contains a high-level executive summary and a deep dive into the Audit’s findings. For each category and subcategory, the deep dive includes an assessment of how the firm’s results compare to those of its competitors. Clients are also provided with a ranking table, gap analysis chart, benchmark matrix, specific recommendations and appropriate screenshots.
  • Flexibility – Clients can choose the competitor group they would like to be benchmarked against, the weighting model they would like to use and any changes to our framework based on their needs.
  • Optional presentation – For those who would like a more personalized communication of their Audit, we can provide an executive presentation of major findings to the management team. Most Audit clients choose the in-person presentation to help drive organizational change.