Advisor Website Audit

The Advisor Website Audit benchmarks a fund company’s advisor-focused website against those of its key competitors and identifies the changes needed to create a best-in-class experience. Using our proprietary Audit grading framework, we rate advisor websites across more than 120 individual attributes covering fund research and tools, thought leadership content, business-building resources, customer service, and website design and usability. Scores are weighted based on the preferences of site users, collected through our in-depth November 2018 Advisor Survey. The Audit report provides an asset management firm with rankings and gap analysis that paint a clear picture of its strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement across all aspects of the advisor site. We then present comprehensive, actionable recommendations based on the Audit’s gap analysis and industry best practices. The Audit includes firms in our Asset Management Monitor – Advisor coverage set, with the option to add other competitors.

To learn more about the Advisor Website Audit and how our service can help improve your advisor website experience, please contact your Corporate Insight Account Manager, or contact Aaron Granuel at 646-887-3235 or

Advisor Website Audit Methodology

Audit Weightings
We surveyed over 500 financial advisors in November 2018 to gather input on the importance of various asset management and life insurance advisor website features. We use the results to apply importance weightings to our scores, reflecting the preferences of financial advisors who use fund company websites.

Audit Categories
The Advisor Website Audit framework consists of four categories (e.g., Research & Insights), 21 sub-categories (e.g., Fund Profile Pages) and over 120 attributes (e.g., Navigation, Organization & Ease of Access). The categories and sub-categories are as follows:

  • Website Design & Ease of Use
      • Navigation, Information Architecture & Overall Ease of Use
      • Advisor Homepage
      • Keyword Search Tool & Results
      • Login
      • Customization & Personalization
      • Online Website Registration


  • Account Servicing
      • General Customer Service
      • Wholesaler Contact
      • Online Help & FAW


  • Research & Insights
      • Fund Profile Pages
      • Fund Comparison
      • Fund Screener
      • Fund Search
      • Commentary & Thought Leadership
      • Subscriptions & Alerts


  • Business-Building Resources
      • Calculators & Planning Tools
      • Portfolio Construction & Analysis Tools
      • Literature Order Center
      • Presentations & Seminars
      • Sales Resources
      • Value-Add/Practice Management Resources