Bank Website Audit

Building off the success of our Brokerage Audit service, Corporate Insight developed the Bank Website Audit in 2005. The Audit helps clients understand how their websites fare against competitors and offers them actionable advice to improve their online user experience. Clients can get a view of the entire competitive landscape and take a close look at how individual features or tools on their website stack up against competitor offerings.

To learn more about the Bank Website Audit and how our service can improve your online user experience, please contact Aaron Granuel at 646-887-3235 or

Bank Website Audit Methodology

Audit Weightings
The Bank Website Audit is supported by a large-scale survey of over 1,500 online and mobile banking users; our most recent survey was completed in July 2018. The results help establish importance weightings for our scoring models to reflect preferences of different consumer profiles and demographics.

Audit Categories
The Bank Website Audit covers five categories focusing on the online user experience, which are further broken down into 28 sub-categories and 150+ attributes. The Bank Website Audit categories and sub-categories are as follows:

  • Account Information
      • Account Aggregation
      • Account Alerts
      • Account History
      • Account Integration
      • Account Statements
      • Account Summary Information
      • Check Images


  • Account Servicing
    • Customer Service Email & Chat
    • Financial Education
    • Online Help & FAQs
    • Privacy & Security Policy
    • Self–Service Functions
  • Prospect Experience
      • Account Comparison Chart
      • Account Selection Assistant Tools
      • ATM & Branch Locator
      • Demos
      • Online Account Application
      • Product & Service Information
      • Public Homepage


  • Transactional Capabilities
      • External Electronic Funds Transfer
      • Internal Electronic Funds Transfer
      • Online Bill Pay
      • Online Wire Transfer
      • Person to Person Payments/Transfers


  • Website Design & Usability
    • Customizability
    • Navigation & Information Architecture
    • Overall Site Design
    • User Authentication

For additional information on our Bank Website Audit service, please contact us.