Brokerage Website Audit

The Brokerage Website Audit enables clients to take a “20,000 foot” view of the competitive landscape to understand how their firm’s online presence stacks up in key areas such as account information, investment research, education resources and trading platforms that are integral to a strong user experience. The Audit also allows clients to zoom in when appropriate to take a close look at individual features, like account balance information, stock research or mutual fund trading, to understand their own strengths and weaknesses. We have conducted Audits for nearly all of the firms that subscribe to our e-Monitor service and several have repeated the exercise to track their progress as they implement our guidance.

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Brokerage Audit Methodology

Audit Weightings
The Brokerage Website Audit features weighted scores that reflect the results of a large-scale survey of 1,500 brokerage website and mobile users conducted in November 2017. This survey – the sixth we have conducted since 2003 – gathered consumer input regarding the web and mobile features and services that matter most to different investor segments. The results help establish importance weightings that we apply to all Audit scores, reflecting the preferences of different consumer demographic groups.

Audit Categories
The Brokerage Website Audit covers eight categories, which are further broken down into 60 sub-categories and 250+ individual attributes. Our current framework consists of the following categories and sub-categories:

  • Account Information
    • Account Aggregation
    • Account Alerts
    • Account Balances
    • Account History
    • Account Integration
    • Account Performance Evaluation Tools
    • Account Positions
    • Online Account Documents
    • Tax Information


  • Account Servicing
    • Customer Service Email & Chat
    • Customizability
    • Online Help & FAQs
    • Privacy & Security Information
    • Self–Service Functions
    • User Authentication


  • Investor Education
    • Demos & Tours
    • Investing Basics
    • Personal Finance
    • Product Education


  • Market Alerts, News, Research & Screening
    • ETF Research & Screening
    • Fixed Income Research
    • Fixed Income Screener
    • Industry Research
    • Market News & Commentary
    • Mutual Fund Research
    • Mutual Fund Screener
    • News Alerts
    • Research Alerts
    • Security Price Alerts
    • Stock Research
    • Stock Screener
  • Planning Tools
    • Asset & Portfolio Analysis Tools
    • Financial Calculators
    • Goal Planning Tools


  • Products & Services
    • 529 Plans
    • Alternative Investments
    • Annuities
    • Bond Trading
    • Check Writing & Bill Pay
    • Estate Planning
    • Forex Trading
    • Funds Transfer
    • Futures Trading
    • IPOs
    • Managed Accounts
    • Mutual Fund Trading
    • Options Trading
    • Stock Trading


  • Prospect Experience
    • Advisor & Branch Locator
    • Financial Advisor Homepage
    • Online Account Application
    • Product & Services Information
    • Public Homepage
    • Services Available to Non–Clients


  • Quotes & Trader Tools
    • Active Trader Platforms
    • Bond Quotes
    • Charts
    • Option Chains & Quotes
    • Stock, Fund & Index Quotes
    • Watchlists & User-Defined Portfolios