DC Plan Participant Audit

Corporate Insight developed the DC Plan Participant Audit to offer retirement plan providers a comprehensive tool for benchmarking their participant website versus competitor sites. The Audit looks at the participant’s full online experience, everything from login to monitoring one’s account to changing contribution elections, and covers key features of the mobile experience as well. It provides our clients with a complete picture of the competitive landscape and allows them to focus on a particular website or mobile feature to see how their capabilities stack up against competitor offerings. Along with our detailed benchmarking assessment, clients receive prioritized and actionable recommendations for improving their website and mobile experience, gap analysis versus the industry, key strengths and weaknesses for each competitor and scores/ranks for all firms in the study.

The Audit includes firms in our Retirement Plan Monitor coverage set, with the option to include other competitors.

To learn more about the DC Plan Participant Audit and how our service can help improve your online and mobile experience, please contact Aaron Granuel at 646-887-3235 or interest@corporateinsight.com.

DC Plan Participant Audit Methodology

Audit Weightings
As part of the DC Plan Participant Audit, Corporate Insight conducted a large-scale survey in September 2016 to better understand what features and services of the retirement plan website and mobile platform are most important to participants. The survey results allow us to establish importance weightings that are then applied to our scoring models to reflect the preferences of real plan participants.

Audit Categories
The DC Plan Participant Audit framework consists of six categories that are further divided into 31 sub-categories and 150+ attributes. The categories and sub-categories are as follows:

  • Account Information
      • Account Aggregation
      • Account History
      • Account Statements
      • Integrated Account Information
      • Plan Details
      • Plan Investment Information


  • Account Servicing
      • Customer Service Email & Chat
      • Customizability
      • Online Help & FAQs
      • Security & Privacy Information
      • Self-Service Functions
      • User Authentication


  • Planning Advice & Education
    • Asset Allocation & Retirement Planning Tools
    • Financial Education
    • Multi-Goal Planning & Non-Retirement Calculators
    • Plan-Related Calculators
  • Quotes & Research
      • Market News & Commentary
      • Fund Profiles & Research
      • Fund Screener & Comparison Tools


  • Transactions
      • Account Rebalance
      • Fund Exchange
      • Future Contribution Management
      • Paycheck Deduction Management
      • Loans & Withdrawals’


  • Mobile Capabilities
    • Account Information
    • Authentication & Security
    • Design & Navigation
    • Devices & Platforms
    • Help & Customer Service
    • Research & Education
    • Transactions