Digital Advice Audit

Corporate Insight’s comprehensive Digital Advice Audit offers firms an in depth benchmarking assessment of their investor and prospect digital experience versus competitors’. The Audit examines the full website and mobile experience, covering features such as account information, money movement and portfolio creation. It provides clients with a complete picture of the competitive landscape, helping them understand how their capabilities stack up across more than 100 individual attributes. Along with our benchmarking assessment, clients who engage us for a Digital Advice Audit receive scores and ranks for all firms assessed, a gap analysis  to identify improvement opportunities and personalized recommendations to address important weaknesses.

To learn more about the Digital Advice Audit and how our service can help improve your online and mobile experience, please contact Aaron Granuel at 646-887-3235 or

Brokerage Audit Methodology

Audit Weightings

The Digital Advice Audit features weighted scores that reflect the results of a large-scale survey of 1,500 investors conducted in August 2018. This survey gathered consumer input regarding the web and mobile features and services that matter most to different investor segments. The results help establish importance weightings that we apply to all Audit scores, reflecting the preferences of different consumer demographic groups.

Audit Categories

The Digital Advice Audit covers seven categories, which are further broken down into 24 sub-categories and 100+ individual attributes. Our current framework consists of the following categories and sub-categories:

  • Product Offering
    • Pricing & Minimums
    • Portfolio Offering


  • Prospect Experience
    • Public Site Marketing
    • Investor Questionnaire & Portfolio Rec


  • Monitoring & Analysis
    • Account Information
    • Goal Progress Tracking
    • Portfolio Projection
    • Portfolio Performance
    • Account Aggregation
    • Holistic Portfolio Analysis
    • Alerts
    • Documents


  • Money Movement & New Portfolio Creation
      • Fund & Account Transfers
      • New Goal or Portfolio Creation
  • Education, Support & Communication
    • Investor Support
    • Investor Education
    • Email Communication


  • Account Servicing
    • Self-Service Features
    • User Authentication


  • Mobile Capabilities
      • Account Information
      • Cash Management
      • Goal Progress Tracking
      • Holistic Portfolio Analysis
      • Account Servicing, Help & Customer Service
      • Design & Navigation