Mobile Banking Audit

The Mobile Banking Audit enables our clients to take a high-level view of the entire competitive landscape to understand how their firm’s mobile platforms (both smartphone and tablet) fare against competitors across all major mobile capabilities, like account information, money movement and account self-service. At the same time, it allows clients to take an up-close look at individual features, like account history, P2P payments and the authentication process, to understand the strengths and weaknesses in their own offerings.

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Mobile Banking Audit Methodology

Audit Weightings
The Mobile Banking Audit features weighted scores that reflect the results of a large-scale survey of 1,500 bank website and mobile users conducted in July 2018. This survey gathered consumer input regarding the web and mobile features and services that matter most to different kinds of bank customers. The results help establish importance weightings that we apply to all Audit scores, reflecting the preferences of different consumer demographic groups.

Audit Categories
The Mobile Banking Audit evaluates smartphone and tablet app platforms, covering six categories for each of these device types. These categories are further broken down into 22 sub-categories and approximately 100 individual attributes that are graded on a 4-point scale from Poor to Excellent. Our framework consists of the following categories and sub-categories:

  • Account Information
    • Account Details
    • Account Documents
    • Account History
    • Account Integration & Aggregation
    • Money Management Tools
    • Pre-Login Account Information


  • Account Servicing
    • Account Opening
    • Customer Service & Communications
    • Help, Education & FAQs
    • Self-Servicing, Settings & Preferences


  • Money Movement
    • Bill Pay
    • Funds Transfers
    • Mobile Deposit
    • Mobile Wallets
    • P2P Payments
  • Alerts & Notifications
    • Alert Management
    • Alert Types


  • Authentication & Security
    • Authentication Process
    • Privacy & Security


  • Design & Navigation
    • Navigation
    • Overall App Design
    • Supported Devices