Speaking Engagements

Corporate Insight is available for a variety of speaking engagements. Our analysts and executives have presented at numerous client events as well conferences including the SPARK Forum, 2015 NASAA Annual Conference: Regulation for the Ages, 2015 SABEW-NEFE Personal Finance Reporting Workshop, the IRI Government, Legal & Regulatory Conference 2016 and more.

Case Studies:

Presentation_with_TabletThought Leadership Day Provides Deep Insights into the U.S. Financial Services Landscape

One of Canada’s top banks was planning a thought leadership day for key stakeholders and executives from its deposit and investment channels. The goal was to conduct an engaging event to help the team understand trends that could disrupt their business in the next two to five years. The firm was interested in looking beyond the Canadian market to understand trends in the U.S., as these tend to foreshadow events in the Canadian market. The firm was specifically interested in how technology and changing customer demographics/ preferences were forcing established financial institutions to rethink some longstanding business practices.