Credit Card Monitor Awards: Citicards, U.S. Bank and Chase Excel at Card Payments

by on Jan 26, 2018

Every month, credit card holders are (hopefully) going to pay their bills, making card payments one of the most important features of online banking and a key category of the Credit Card Monitor Awards Report. Since every firm offers immediate, future and recurring payments scheduling, our award winners stand out for complementary features that enhance the payment experience. We look for robust scheduling options, a mix of relevant account data and a combined page with separate tables for reviewing pending and completed payments.

This year, three firms earn the same medals as they did last year by continuing to provide excellent card payment centers.

Citicards keeps the gold medal for a comprehensive payments center, enhanced by a unique balance visualization meter. On the Set Up Your Payment page, the collapsible visual depicts how pending and completed payments compare to the amount due and other balances while the preset amount options indicate if they have been satisfied. Automatic payments stand out by offering card holders the options to pay the minimum due, previous statement balance or other amount. Card holders can make either in a single payment on or up to 11 days before the due date or split the amount into two equal payments on the due date and about halfway through the statement cycle. Sidebar menus facilitate easy navigation between related interfaces and a single activity page details pending and past payments in separate, sortable tables.

Citicards Set Up Your Payment Page (Truncated)

U.S. Bank retains the silver medal due to its straightforward payment center, supplemented by significant autopay customization. The integrated interface facilitates one-time and automatic payment scheduling with adequate balance and due date information for easy payments. For autopay, users can select from multiple dates for monthly payments as well as choose to pay a fixed amount every Friday until the statement balance is paid off. Additionally, they can supplement an automatic minimum payment with two FlexControl options: Essentials automatically pays for all spending in selected categories while Accelerator adds a fixed user-specified amount to each payment.

U.S. Bank Make a Payment Tab

Chase holds on to its bronze medal with a standard card payment center and customizable payment plans. Separate interfaces provide typical options and details for one-time and automatic payments. Users cannot enter a custom automatic amount, though, and instead must select either minimum due or previous balance. The Payment Activity page provides an exhaustive log of pending and completed payments in a single table; however, users can only cancel pending payments. The firm’s Blueprint service stands out by providing a custom monthly payment amount based on calculations from three tools. The Full Pay tool allows users to select categories to pay in full, the Split tool divides large purchases to pay them off over time and the Finish It tool creates a similar plan for the entire balance. The firm provides the total Blueprint amount as an option in the card payment interface when users have one or more active plans.

Chase Blueprint Overview Page

For detailed analyses of the Credit Card Monitor Awards Report’s five additional categories, including transaction history and search tools, statement centers, alert centers, balance transfers and private site help, access the full report through our client portal or visit our website to learn more. To access a free slide deck highlighting all gold medal winners, click here.