Credit Card Monitor Awards: Noteworthy Transaction History and Search Tools

by on Jan 18, 2018

All firms provide clients with the standard features to view and search through transaction history. The Transaction History and Search Tools category in this year’s Credit Card Monitor Awards Report aims to discover the complementary and varied options that firms offer to clients, adding to overall functionality and quality. The report lists examples of best-in-class firms and offerings and explains the qualifications of an industry leader, distributing gold, silver and bronze medals based on the quality of features and tools provided.

Distinguished firms that rank highly in this category offer in-depth transaction information, extensive transaction histories, various sort and filter options and other important attributes. Highly effective sites allow clients to sort and filter through their transactions while providing search tool options based on keywords, date ranges and amounts. Of note, the length of transaction history of the 11 firms in our coverage group ranges from just three months to two years; in order to rival with competitors, firms need to provide exceptional services that both deviate from the standard and enhance the consumer usability experience.

American Express receives the gold medal, offering the most innovative account activity features in our coverage group. On the Statements & Activity page, card holders can view a collapsible graph and filter tool that summarizes spending by various categories. A unique Trends Summary interface analyzes card spending for the current statement, year-to-date or prior year. Additionally, American Express is the only firm that allows card holders to file disputes directly within the expanded transaction details.

American Express Statements & Activity Page Graph and Filter Tool

Discover is awarded the silver medal for providing customizable transaction history and a robust search tool. Citicards excels in providing detailed and broad-ranging transaction history in a table of sortable columns, receiving a bronze medal.

The gold- and silver-medal-winning firms both incorporate quick transaction tables that are easily accessible and available for viewing a brief overview of recent transactions. American Express and Discover are the only firms in the Credit Card Monitor coverage group that provide all the transaction search and filter options in the criteria of our research. Maintaining multiple and diverse search capabilities would allow other credit card issuers to improve their rankings.

American Express and Discover Recent Transaction Tables

For detailed analyses of the five additional categories, including statement centers, card payments, alert centers, balance transfers and private site help, access the full Credit Card Monitor Awards Report through our client portal, or visit our website to learn more.