Credit Card Monitor Awards: USAA, Discover and Bank of America Excel in Mobile Self-Service and Help

by on Jan 19, 2017

The Mobile Self-Service and Help category is the Credit Card Monitor Awards Report category with the greatest variation of offerings between firms. With the ever-increasing popularity of banking by smartphone, up 4% from 2014 to 2015, credit card issuers should take the opportunity to improve their apps’ self-service and help tools.

Firms rank well in this category by offering apps with a high number of self-service options and customer service contact information. Every credit card issuer offers a smartphone app through which users can check their balances, review transactions and pay their bills. Self-service options and account help availability, however, is less consistent across firms. While not options that users need every day, self-service features, such as users’ ability to change their ID and password, update contact information, change statement delivery preferences and order a replacement card, can easily be performed on a smartphone. Offering these options enhances the omni-channel experience and allows mobile-only users to perform these quick tasks when they need to.

USAA earns a gold medal and offers the most self-servicing options in the coverage group. The firm provides an automated assistant tool that answers all questions, provides contact information and directs users to different areas in the app. Discover earns silver for its in-app live chat and many self-servicing options. Lastly, Bank of America excels for its universal static Help link and for dividing FAQs into categories, earning a bronze medal.

Winning firms provide an exceptional number of self-service functions in their smartphone apps including the abilities to report lost, stolen or damaged cards and order replacement cards; modify user IDs and passwords; create and change PINs; set travel notices; and more.

The gold- and silver-winning firms both facilitate live chat within the smartphone app, in addition to the basic tap-to-call for contacting customer service that is facilitated by eight other firms in the coverage group. USAA and Discover are the only firms in the Credit Card Monitor coverage group whose apps support live chat or a virtual assistant tool. Any credit card issuer that began offering this feature in-app would greatly improve its ranking.

USAA Automated Assistant and Discover Contact Us Screen

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