A Critical Marketing Tool for Reaching Advisors

by on Oct 04, 2017

The proliferation of the internet has given financial professionals an insurmountable amount of quality market and economic news, making it harder for firms to be a primary information source. Many fund firms struggle in capturing the elusive attention spans of advisors. Email marketing is a popular, and often effective, strategy for cutting through the noise when attempting to reach advisors. When done tactfully, email marketing can provide significant benefits to a firm’s visibility and bottom line.

This past August, AB sent advisors a revamped version of its Advisor Insights email, a monthly correspondence that highlights research reports and posts from the firm’s Context blog. The redesign introduced a brighter color scheme, a two-column layout for more space to promote content, enhanced use of images and clearer calls to action in the form of buttons, some accompanied by icons, encouraging readers to Watch Video and Read White Paper, for example.


New AB Advisor Insights Email

AB’s previous iteration of the Advisor Insights email employed a single column layout coupled with a duller color palette, and a lack of buttons and poor link affordance made it difficult to determine the clickability of articles and blog posts. AB’s redesign is an overall improvement over its legacy version. Many factors influence whether an email recipient will open, read or click through on a message. Factors such as time of day, subject line, timeliness of information and design all play a role when targeting advisors. Finding a solid formula to achieve email marketing goals takes time, research and a degree of trial and error. Every Mutual Fund Monitor – Advisor monthly report from Corporate Insight includes a Log Notes table that catalogues advisor emails sent by our coverage group set, providing clients with insight into how competitors are leveraging email marketing to reach advisors.

Previous AB Advisor Insights Email