December 2015 Trends & Highlights: Revamps, FICO Scores and Aggregation

by on Jan 06, 2016

computer_mouse.jpg TRENDING

  • New Year, New Look – This month saw numerous public site redesigns. Barclaycard released a new public site with a scrolling card display, increased imagery and responsive design. Liberty Mutual launched a new public site layout with new navigation and responsive design. Athene consolidated the Athene Annuity and sites into one public site. Five firms made significant changes to certain sections of their public sites: Allstate redesigned its newsroom with responsive design and improved navigational search. Bank of America overhauled its small business credit card center by creating longer pages with jump links and updating the font and images. Franklin Templeton revamped its Investor website with improved layouts, improved search functionality and customizable homepage elements on the newly responsive site. New commentary pages, bold imagery, tiled navigation and advanced filtering capabilities comprise the redesigned T. Rowe Price Insights section. Wells Fargo redesigned its public retirement planning center, centralizing its location and updating its tools.
  • Changing Behind the Scenes – Private site changes were abundant this month. Citizens Bank, Nationwide and Farmers all revamped their private sites. Citizens Bank streamlined navigation into a four-tab header, introduced an anchored footer and updated its color scheme on a newly responsive site. Nationwide completed its revamp with a blue and white color scheme, new navigation and a rich account overview page on the fully responsive site. Farmers updated its site with a white and dark blue color scheme reflecting its most recent mobile app update. Site functionality changes were minor with mostly aesthetic updates. Guardian Life integrated account access, filter search options and responsive design into its private site. MetLife reorganized its Account Overview section with new intra-page tabs and an Investment Mix tile. Voya enhanced the Bank Information page to save checking and savings accounts and authorize electronic fund transfers while SunTrust and TD Bank updated their online bill pay centers. The two firms streamlined biller management tools into payee-specific options. Citibank added a Financial Planning Tools center that includes investing and savings resources. Clients can set up goals using the platform. Morgan Stanley revamped its private site Markets + Research, Transfers and Alert sections as part of its continued private site redesigns.
  • A Push to Aggregate – Both Vanguard and UBS introduced aggregation services for clients. Vanguard announced via the private site message center that it is partnering with Yodlee to offer clients account aggregation on the Vanguard website. UBS introduced My Total Picture, an aggregation service allowing clients to add external accounts alongside their UBS holdings. Users can view balance and holding details.


Bank of America Updates Mobile App

The firm added a new mobile app feature allowing users to skip authorization steps and speak with customer service representatives. Previously, clients had to provide their account numbers to call customer service using the app. The firm included the service in its Feature Gallery microsite and used a promotional banner on the public homepage to advertise the quick call feature.

feature_gallery_spotlight.png Feature Gallery Spotlight

American Express Offers Free FICO Score

The firm offers clients their FICO credit scores for free through Experian. American Express card holders can view information about what a FICO score is, see key factors affecting their scores and request their credit reports. The firm is one of six firms currently offering card holders similar features.

amex_fico_score.pngAmex FICO Score Summary

USAA Unveils Universal Navigation Menu

The firm released a redesigned public and private site universal navigation menu. The new menu features a sleek design with a new font and with streamlined functionality. Renaming several tabs and adding a Help tab are significant improvements that contribute to a more navigable site.

new_universal_navigation_menu.pngNew Universal Navigation Menu (Expanded Products Tab)