December 2018 – Analyzing the Extent of Advice: A Review of Pure and Hybrid Robo Advisory Support

​The proliferation of digital advice services in the United States saturated the market with solutions, putting increased pressure on firms to continually differentiate and innovate their products. One area where firms have sought to differentiate their digital advice services is the availability of human advice, pairing technology with the expertise of financial advisors and certified planners. The introduction of hybrid solutions placed a spotlight on advisor capabilities as a key value-add emphasized in firms’ marketing materials, forcing many pure robos to emphasize available human support. Although many firms tout teams of human advisors, not all deliver on their promise of financial advice. In the Digital Advice Monitor Q4 report, Corporate Insight evaluates the extent of advice offered by both pure robo firms and their hybrid counterparts. The report explores limitations associated with advice and the varying degrees of support provided by each firm.

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