Discover Mobile Transaction Capabilities – Mobile Monitor Report Excerpt

by on Aug 21, 2012

altThe following is an excerpt from our new Mobile Monitor report titled Transaction Capabilities: Money on the Move available now.

Discover offers card clients a simple selection of transaction capabilities, but one that goes beyond what other card issuers offer. In addition to strong card payment options, the firm partners with PayPal for P2P payments. The firm is also notable for maintaining a consistent design between the apps and mobile site.

Card Payments
Discover offers similar card payment options across each of its platforms.  All inputs are displayed on a single screen. Clients first select which bank account to use from a scroll-down menu, after which they have the option to manage bank information. They then choose from three payment options – minimum payment, current balance, or other amount. Users then set a date for the payment, review, and submit.

Person-to-Person Payments
The PayPal-powered service allows clients to make payments, but not submit payment requests. Unlike card payments, Discover’s “Send Money” option requires further authentication to use. Users must first answer a security question, after which they view a “How it Works” screen.

The interface presents all inputs on a single screen. Clients are prompted to enter the recipient’s name, email address or mobile number, and choose an amount. Recipients can be entered using the device’s contact list, but the apps do not store payees as other firms do. Users must then specify whether the transaction is for Friends and Family or Goods and Services; the latter category entails a fee from PayPal charged to the recipient. Users can write an optional note, and review their inputs before submitting.

Discover Mobile Transaction Capabilities