Discover’s Mobile Security Innovations

by on Aug 07, 2013

Most financial services firms treat the mobile channel as a limited version of their website but still keep security consistent, from the login process todiscover_logo back-end encryption and monitoring. However, a few firms offer alternatives to logging in as usual every time clients access their apps. The most recent examples both come from Discover.

Summer Additions: Quick View & Passcode
In July, Discover rolled out a Quick View feature for its smartphone apps allowing clients to view balance and available credit details without logging in. The only personal detail revealed is the card holder’s first name.

Later in the summer, in August, Discover unveiled a new Passcode login option, allowing clients to set up a four-digit PIN to use on that device instead of their full username and password. This step is less original than Quick View – USAA has long offered a similar Quick Logon option – but fits in with the same strategy emphasizing ease of access while maintaining security.


Discover’s Quick View feature Discover’s Passcode login option
Discover’s Quick View feature and Passcode login option
Closing Thoughts
Mobile clearly poses additional security challenges for financial services firms, from potentially unsecured wireless networks to new operating systems. When it comes to login, though, many firms are comfortable allowing small concessions to clients who want faster access and less touchscreen typing. It’s important to note that capabilities like remember username or the more advanced features released by Discover are optional and not forced on the user. Financial services firms can help make mobile a channel of choice by providing a customizable experience that still maintains all-important security.