Do Insurers Recognize the Importance of Women’s Market?

by on Mar 22, 2016

women_life_insurance.jpgWomen represent a large—and continually growing—segment of the U.S. economy. On average, women are underinsured and also possess a smaller amount of life insurance coverage than men. In honor of Women’s History Month, Life Insurance Monitor tracked how the topic was addressed by the 14 firms in our coverage group. So far, only a few firms—AXA, Northwestern Mutual Pacific Life—acknowledged this month on their public sites.

Of these firms, Pacific Life stands out for promoting its strong array of women-centered resources, including white papers and worksheets about retirement planning, in a new public homepage image celebrating Women’s History Month. AXA added a new Women, Wealth and Wisdom page that features information on why women need to save more than men and provides customer testimonial videos about the importance of life insurance. For more analysis on how firms address how advisors can market life insurance to women, please read our March 2015 Life Insurance Monitor Report.

pacific_life_public_homepage_image.pngPacific Life Public Homepage Image

With increasing amounts of wealth and strong statistics backing their important roles at home, a clear need exists for women to possess life insurance.


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