e-Monitor Introduces TIAA

by on Oct 17, 2016


In the newest addition to our e-Monitor coverage group, Corporate Insight welcomes TIAA. At the retail level, TIAA provides a suite of investment options including traditional, rollover and Roth IRAs, mutual funds, annuities, life insurance, college savings plans, trust services and investment management. The firm also serves institutional investors and intermediaries, including registered investment advisors, brokers/dealers and investment-only defined contribution plans through TIAA Asset Management. In 1918, TIAA was founded to provide guaranteed retirement income and life insurance to educators. Since then, the firm has grown as a leading provider of financial services to more than 5 million individuals.

TIAA offers clients a unique private site homepage that includes a detailed Portfolio Summary with balance history, holdings by asset class and current investments as well as a breakdown of accounts. Most notably, the page offers a 360° Financial View – a detailed look at all TIAA and non-TIAA accounts. Clients can Add Accounts, Change Permissions and access the full 360° Financial View sitelet directly from the Homepage. It is rare that brokerage firms make this feature so readily accessible to clients. Clients can easily locate and access all of the private site features and pages from the homepage. Additionally, the firm offers a wide range of brokerage accounts through its self-directed and managed account options. Clients can also take advantage of the firm’s robust research tools, including real-time quotes, investment screeners, alerts, watch lists and an Investment Comparison tool.

The firm also incorporates a personal touch throughout its site. Offering customer testimonials on various pages as well as a dedicated customer stories page, the firm stands apart from competitors by relating to their clients and potential clients in meaningful ways throughout its site. One of the most interesting aspects of the TIAA client site is the prominence of women and investing on the platform. The site offers a dedicated Woman2Woman community, featuring blogs, articles, Q&As and forums about managing finances, leadership and family. The Investing 101 education section also offers a Women and Investing section that promotes discussion threads on the Woman2Woman Community.

TIAA’s broad range of resources, intuitive navigation and client presence make it a notable addition to the e-Monitor coverage group. For a comprehensive review and analysis, look for the Introducing TIAA e-Monitor Report, coming October 2016.