August 2013: News Content and Resources

This e-Monitor Report reviews the online news resources that brokerage firms provide on their sites. We defined the term “brokerage news” as content that provides objective information related to business and general events. We did not incorporate or evaluate research reports, commentaries or opinion pieces in this report. Firms in this report were assessed on the following key criteria:

  • Accessibility of the news content on the public and private websites.
  • The quality and quantity of content provided within the news resource pages.
  • Additional features provided on the news resource pages (filter options, sharing capabilities, etc.)

Overall, e-Monitor firms are doing an adequate job of providing news content to both private and public site users. All top-ranked firms in this report offer news content that is easily accessible and sourced from a variety of providers, and also include unique features to view or share content (e.g., videos) along with helpful options to browse and filter content. Six firms in total scored within the A range, with one receiving the top mark of an A.


News content is common to all
e-Monitor firms and is provided in some capacity on the brokerage sites that we reviewed. All firms provide news content on their private sites, however only half of all firms do so on their public sites. Additionally, all but one firm provides users with a dedicated news page or section. Of these firms, seven utilize a main sub-tab for their news content.


An important part of news centers is the ability for clients to filter and sort the flood of articles posted and updated throughout the day. As a result, all firms except two provide some type of filter, sorting or browsing option to view news content. Among the firms covered in this report, 11 offer a keyword news search and 13 offer search by symbol or CUSIP. Another important aspect to news resource pages is the sharing capabilities provided to users. The most common way to share news articles is through email (an option provided by only four firms), with three firms providing additional sharing options. Three firms enable users to share content on Digg, and two firms feature a Facebook sharing icon.

Additional key findings include:

  • Half of all firms do not provide news content on their public sites.
  • 72% of firms allow clients to set News Alerts.
  • Seven utilize a main sub-tab for their news content.
  • All firms but Raymond James provide a dedicated news page or section.
  • 13 firms offer news alerts by symbol; some of these 13 offer additional options.