August 2015: Industry Overview: Full-Service Brokerages

In the second installment of our annual Industry Overview report, we focus on the eight full-service firms included in our e-Monitor coverage set. Similar to last month, we adopted a slightly different format for this year’s Industry Overview report. For each firm, we provide a graphic timeline and overview of the significant product, service and digital updates made over the past year. These findings can be useful to determine the rate of improvement and areas of focus for each firm since our last full-service Industry Overview report in October 2014. Since many full-service firms are not as digitally capable as the hybrid and self-directed firms in the e-Monitor coverage set, we provide a Detailed Matrix that is geared more toward the less common, but still useful, digital features offered by some full-service firms. Finally, we offer our take on major trends and high-level industry movement in the following Trends Around the Industry section.

Key findings include:

  • Three firms completely revamped their public sites and installed responsive design.
  • Firms place a greater emphasis on proprietary research to better highlight their market expertise and entice visitors.
  • Focusing on client-advisor communication, firms are continually improving and expanding their secure message and document centers.