February 2015: Public Site Homepages

While judging a book by its cover is generally considered poor etiquette, in the case of brokerage websites, public site homepages offer the best chance to entice prospects. In order to ensure that prospects and clients alike gain both the background information and aesthetic experience they desire, it is of vital importance that firms retain an attention-grabbing and informative homepage. In this e-Monitor Report, we focus our efforts on three main categories for public site homepages:

  • Responsive design
  • Navigation
  • Content

We found that four firms offer separate cookied homepages for existing clients, and rotating banner image carousels are used by seven firms. We also discovered that 15 firms offer a site search bar, while only nine provide a quote search bar. Furthermore, twelve of the 18 firms in our coverage group provide clients with some degree of market data directly on their homepages. Generally, this data takes the form of simple quote information for three or four major indices. Of the 12 firms that offer market data, only four take it a step further and provide full index charts to more adequately display the daily value change in the various indices. All full-service firms in our coverage group include some type of market commentary or analysis linked from their non-cookied homepages.

Additional key findings include:

  • Eleven firms place login fields directly on the uncookied homepage.
  • Only five firms promote recent press releases or company news on their homepages.
  • Every discount brokerage offers at least a single link to open a new account directly on its homepage.