Earning an Apple Watch through Life Insurance

by on May 30, 2017

As part of the John Hancock Vitality Program’s innovative rewards program, clients with a Vitality life insurance product can earn a discounted Apple Watch. This option combines an attractive reward with a compelling incentive for physical activity. Clients who are part of the Vitality program can purchase a watch with monthly payments after an initial $25 fee. Monthly payments are based on their level of physical activity, with the possibility of reducing payments to $0. The Apple Watch connects to the Vitality app to track clients’ workouts, allowing them to earn points tied to the program’s rewards and benefits. With monthly savings directly tied to workouts, the program offers an immediate financial incentive to exercise.

The program’s web portal motivates clients by illustrating their progress toward $0 payments. The private Vitality Active Rewards with Apple Watch page counts down the remaining months of payments and the maximum possible remaining payments to make. Colorful blocks highlight payment amounts based on activity levels: depending on the value of the watch they select, clients pay as much as $15.50 if they do not earn any points by exercising and as little as $0 if they earn 500 points in a month.

Private Site Vitality Active Rewards with Apple Watch Page

The Vitality program provides helpful resources as clients set up their Apple Watches. When clients purchase a watch, they receive clear instructions for connecting it on the private site homepage, Apple Watch page and Messages section. Emailed confirmations link to the private site and remind clients that monthly exercise will determine their payment amounts. An Apple Watch Mobile Setup (PDF) guide provides step-by-step instructions for linking the Apple Watch to the John Hancock Vitality app, streamlining the connection process by addressing possible confusion.

Private Site Homepage – Newsfeed Section

Corporate Insight’s Life Insurance Monitor continuously tracks rewards as John Hancock adds them to the Vitality program. In related blog posts, we cover the Vitality HealthyFood benefit and other innovations in life insurance applications, marketing and underwriting.