Election Communications – Brokerages Put the Election in Perspective for Investors

by on Sep 24, 2012

election_2012With Election Day a little more than a month away, a handful of e-Monitor firms have begun to post commentaries that focus on how the election may affect the markets and their investment strategy. The following are some of the election-focused materials being posted by the e-Monitor firms and how they are being promoted online:

Merrill Lynch
Merrill Lynch Wealth Management promoted a new “Latest Thinking” piece, titledElection 2012: What’s at Stake on the public site homepage.


Merrill Lynch What’s At Stake Promotion

Thus far, UBS has done the most extensive promotion of election-related commentary and deserves credit for its consistent election coverage since mid-Summer. The firm promoted a Wednesday, August 8, 2012 election conference call with both public and private site homepage banners. UBS also released three downloadable reports: Election Watch 2012, Volume 1 (PDF; 20 pages), Volume 2 (PDF; 21 pages) and Volume 3 (PDF; 22 pages). The firm’s Fall 2012 issue of Exchange Magazine also focused primarily on the election.

UBS Exchange Magazine – Fall 2012 Edition

Wells Fargo
Wells Fargo released a report for clients and prospects made up of three sections: Looking Back, Facing Debt and Addressing Taxes. The report was promoted on the private brokerage site as well as the Wells Fargo Advisors public site homepage. The firm also included a video on the Wells Fargo Advisors public site featuring its analysts discussing the election.

Wells Fargo Election Report Promotions

Closing Thoughts
As the election draws closer and we learn more about the specifics of the candidates’ plans through the debates, we hope to see more e-Monitor firms provide clients with actionable advice. We also recommend that they continue to promote important commentary on well-traveled pages like the public and private site homepages.