February 2016 Trends & Highlights: Mobile Updates, Robo-Advisors and Rebranding

by on Mar 09, 2016



  • Mobile Updates Across the Board – A number of firms updated mobile offerings this month. Ally Bank updated its iPhone app with Touch ID functionality, created an ATM Locator app for Android smartwatches and announced upcoming compatibility with Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay for banking customers. Fifth Third joined Ally in offering Touch ID to iOS apps, while Citi and Vanguard added 3D Touch functionality to their iPhone 6s apps. Capital One added 3D Touch functionality as well, but to both its mobile and Wallet iPhone apps. E*TRADE updated its Android app by redesigning screens, and Fidelity integrated the Notebook tool into its app and now allows clients to assess balances without logging in. Wells Fargo redesigned its app navigation and usability, and Bank of America added the abilities to suspend debit card activity and activate new cards to its mobile app.
  • Security—A Top Priority – Four firms made decisions to enhance security this month. Bank of America added public site security tips and information on its services, while Chase redesigned the public Security Center with responsive design and anchored tab navigation. Discover added a private Security Center page highlighting how the firm monitors card holder accounts and how to add extra security. Wells Fargo created enhanced login options for its customers.
  • Four Major Revamps – MetLife introduced a new MetLife Pro advisor site with more product, education and marketing information, as well as responsive design, tiled images and flyout navigation. Nationwide launched a new advisor site with more graphics and statistics. Progressive released a revamped public site with new navigation, consisting of flyout menus, and minor design changes. J.P. Morgan also redesigned its advisor site with improved navigation, streamlined capabilities and new tabs.


RBC Launches New Digital Advisor

RBC launched a new robo-advisor service called RBC Investor Gateway. The platform is offered alongside FutureAdvisor, owned by BlackRock. The beta program offers advice using the FutureAdvisor algorithm with RBC as asset custodian for the clients. The firm released information about the service through a press release.

CapOne 360 Rebrands

Capital One 360 rebranded by updating its public and private site with a new Capital One logo and corresponding color scheme and by replacing all previously red elements with blue and green. The firm’s social media pages redirect to Capital One social media now, as well.

rebranded_capital_one_360_private_navigation.pngRebranded Capital One 360 Private Navigation

previous_capital_one_360_private_navigation.pngPrevious Capital One 360 Private Navigation

Fidelity Introduces Health Exchange Model

Fidelity launched the Fidelity Health Marketplace, a private health exchange model offering access to small and mid-sized businesses. The exchange allows employers and employees to choose medical, dental, vision, life and disability benefits. The firm created a sitelet for the new marketplace.

fidelity_healthcare_marketplace.pngFidelity Health Marketplace Sitelet