February Holidays: An Opportunity to Promote Life Insurance?

by on Feb 27, 2018

While it may seem less festive than winter months, February is still full of holidays that life insurance firms and advisors have used to engage with clients. MassMutual and John Hancock offer examples of how firms have been leveraging these holidays.

Lunar New Year

Cultural holidays like the Lunar New Year can help firms and advisors reach specific client markets. MassMutual uses this holiday season by providing advisors with marketing materials to reach out to prospects or to engage with existing clients, specifically for Chinese New Year, but does not address other countries that celebrate the Lunar New Year. An advisor site article promotes the holiday as one of the most important holidays for Asian American clients and links to social media posts, emails and the firm’s local advertising platform where advisors can find content for television and events. For example, one ad, available in both English and Mandarin, shows a family celebrating the holiday and promotes the firm as a reliable source of protection for loved ones. Advisors cannot assume that every Asian American client celebrates Lunar New Year and thus, they must take care to pair materials with local events to ensure they reach the correct prospects.

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Groundhog Day

MassMutual published a blog celebrating the progress made in the insurance industry since Billy Murray was accosted by an agent in the 1993 movie Groundhog Day. The article discusses how the industry has changed since the movie was released, including the increased use of financial professionals and the wider access to educational resources on the internet.

American Heart Month

John Hancock published health and safety tips relating to Valentine’s Day and American Heart Month, positioning itself as a partner in clients’ health. Tips include avoid smoking, control blood pressure and eat healthy to protect heart health. The article additionally promotes choosing foods that a Valentine is not allergic to and using the appropriate safety gear when engaging in risky activities on the holiday.

John Hancock Newsletter (Truncated)

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