Fidelity Offers to Caddy for Retirement Plan Sponsor Prospects

by on Aug 13, 2013

idelity recently reached out to prospective plan sponsors in hopes of scheduling a complimentary 401(k) plan review. The marketing campaignfidelity_logo_fid (2) involved offering plan sponsors who are working with other providers a sleeve of complementary Titleist Pro V1 golf balls in exchange for completing a plan review with a Fidelity representative.

The offer was extended via email and suggests a phone call to discuss the matter. 401(k) management is positioned as time-consuming and the email suggests that Fidelity can help with a number of common administrative and management issues.  An eye-grabbing promotional image is posted towards the bottom of the email offering a telephone number and allowing plan sponsors to request a call from a Fidelity rep.

Closing Thoughts
The offer represents a mutually beneficial opportunity where sponsors are incentivized to receive a free plan review and Fidelity has the opportunity to explain the benefits of their services. As more companies move from defined benefit to defined contribution plans, aggressive prospecting from top retirement plan providers is something we expect to increase.


Fidelity Retirement Plan Sponsor Email
Fidelity Retirement Plan Sponsor Email