Fidelity Pioneers Interactive Learning Center on iPhone and Android Apps

by on Nov 07, 2016


In August, Fidelity Investments became the first firm among those Corporate Insight tracks to roll out an interactive mobile education center. This is a major step forward for financial services firms when it comes to mobile education offerings, as only a few firms incorporate any educational content into their apps whatsoever. Those that do, such as Bank of America, E*TRADE and Vanguard’s retirement branch, leave much to be desired, solely providing static articles, videos and other similar content.

Available to both prospects and clients, Fidelity’s Learning Center consists of a variety of programs that cover a range of investing skills like Evaluating a Stock and Sector Investing. Eight topics are currently available, though the firm indicates that additional programs are on the way. Each program consists of an introduction and multiple module-based quizzes. Once users answer a question, they can then view definitions and explanations that relate to the topic at hand. After a module is complete, a series of Key Takeaways allows users to review and absorb what they have just learned.

Learning CenterWhat is a Mutual FundExercise 1







Fidelity’s Learning Center integrates some of the key elements highlighted in Corporate Insight’s recent special study, The Innovation Advantage. The report analyzes digital best practices from non-financial institutions and provides ways for financial services firms to adapt these to enhance their own online and mobile platforms. We profile four firms in the Education section – Duolingo, Elevate, Khan Academy and iTunes U – each of which employ innovative engagement tactics that can yield more effective financial services educational offerings. Fidelity’s Learning Center features a well-designed curriculum and elements of gamification—two of the best practices discussed in the report. Nonetheless, there remain other engaging tactics that could further enhance the user experience. For example, Duolingo, a free language-learning platform available on mobile devices, features a highly interactive interface consisting entirely of quiz-like games, and awards users points and badges to compete within social leaderboards. The platform also allows users to set goals based on the amount of time they plan on learning each day.

Sequential Lesson StructureInteractive ContentPoints and GamificationSet a Learning Goal

Given the growing significance of the mobile channel when it comes to gaining and sustaining client engagement, it is becoming increasingly important to offer robust functionality on mobile devices. One way to do so is by offering an intuitive and appealing education section. Fidelity’s Learning Center is the first of its kind among financial services firms, and should be looked to as a prime example of a successful mobile education resource. That said, opportunity exists to go above and beyond the standard set by Fidelity within the financial services industry; one way to do so is by looking beyond financial services competitors to more innovative platforms outside the industry that deliver educational content in creative new ways. By integrating ideas from apps that specialize in mobile education, firms can begin to introduce engaging mobile solutions to help their clients become more financially savvy.

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