Fidelity Updates Mutual Fund Evaluator

by on May 21, 2013

Fidelity LogoFidelity Investments redesigned its Mutual Fund Evaluator tool with simplified controls and expanded results to help make it easier for investors to find the investment products ideal for their needs. Fidelity offers a video tour, to better acquaint investors with the changes.

Input Interface
The Mutual Fund Evaluator now allows investors to choose risk level (low to high). Additionally, Fidelity simplified the input controls for choosing expense and returns levels, implementing easy to use check boxes ranging from low to high.

Fidelity Mutual Fund Evaluator Interface
Fidelity Mutual Fund Evaluator Interface

The updated results screen really shines. Fidelity implemented a multi-tabbed layout, adding four new tables of information: Risk, Management & Fees, Morningstar Rankings and Income Characteristics, as well as an overview tab displaying information available in the original results.

These tables allow investors to compare important fund information in an easy-to-read, side by side design that goes beyond the performance figures typically offered in comparison tables. For example, the Management & Fees tab allows investors to compare manager tenure, turnover rates and both net and gross expense ratios, among other information. This is a boon to investors concerned about fund expenses. Additionally, by organizing information in a multi-tabbed table, investors can gain a wealth of data without being overwhelmed. The tool offers both non-Fidelity and Fidelity funds making it a valuable resource for prospective investors during the purchase process.

Fidelity Mutual Fund Evaluator Results
Fidelity Mutual Fund Evaluator Results (Truncated)

Closing Thoughts
Fidelity’s updated Mutual Fund Evaluator tool is a step forward in fund finding capabilities. The tool offers easy input controls to help even novice investors find funds that meet their needs. Additionally, the improved results page offers easy access to a large volume of fund information, helping investors make more informed investment decisions.