October 2016 Trends & Highlights, Election Edition: Firms Counsel for the Long Term While Esurance Makes Its Escape

by on Nov 08, 2016


As the results of the 2016 presidential election loom in the minds of Americans across the political spectrum, 15 firms took October to address the scariest thing outside of Halloween: the potential financial impact of this electoral season. Whether in the form of commentary, article, homepage image or infographic, resources frequently reminded investors to keep their long-term goals in mind and not to treat the results of the election differently than they would any other short-term jolt to the market.

In the month leading up to November 8, AB, Allianz Global, American Century, BlackRock/iShares, Federated, Fidelity, Hartford Funds, Janus, Lord Abbett, MFS, PIMCO, Principal, Scottrade and Vanguard released commentaries addressing the election, offering advice ranging from bracing for the long haul to hopping on investment opportunities primed by the election. Allianz, BlackRock/iShares and Federated further bolstered their offerings by compiling them into election-specific resource portals, and, while offering no advice for the election, Esurance advertised its election insurance, perfect for that special someone who just may flee to Canada November 9, through a new sweepstakes.

Allianz, BlackRock/iShares and Federated Consolidate Election Content

Through their election portals, Allianz Global, BlackRock/iShares and Federated centrally house multi-faceted content, from traditional commentaries to informative videos and infographics, related to the economics of the 2016 election. BlackRock/iShares conveniently filters its resources based on if they are intended to educate advisors or provide actionable advice for clients while Federated lumps content together, delineating instead by medium—commentary, video or infographic—followed by an investor’s guide section geared directly toward helping investors learn to make volatility work for them. Allianz segments its multi-medium resources by topic, frequently buttressing Hillary Clinton’s and Donald Trump’s policy views to show contrasts or similarities; the portal notably includes a currently inactive Post-Election tab that will hold content for investors attempting to understand the results of the presidential election.


Allianz Global Countdown to the Election Portal

Esurance Promotes Election Insurance with $10,000 Social Media Sweepstakes

Satirizing the anxiety surrounding the 2016 election, Esurance began “offering” election insurance on April 1, 2016 that would protect clients’ homes for the next four years should they choose to emigrate and avoid the White House’s new (or old) residents in 2017. In anticipation of November 8, Esurance resurfaced its election insurance with the Make Your Escape Sweeps, which awarded $10,000 to a grand prize winner who tweeted at the firm with the #MakeYourEscapeSweeps through October 13.


Esurance Make Your Escape Sweeps Tweet