Financial Services Firms Go For Gold with Olympic Advertisements

by on Aug 06, 2012

altMany of us have spent the last week glued to our television sets, holding a suspenseful gaze as we admire the athletes of the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Beyond the impressive athletic feats and sense of national pride that the Olympic Games inspire in viewers, they also present a key advertising opportunity for sponsors. Financial services firms have marketed heavily leading up to, and during, the Olympic games.

Citi Every Step of the Way Campaign
Citigroup, a first-time Olympic Committee sponsor, is making a large impact with their Every Step of the Way campaign. The campaign highlights 13 athletes and the programs that inspired them leading up to the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Citi has donated $500,000 that will ultimately be allocated to the athletes’ programs based upon voting from the general public.

Citi has created a campaign webpage allowing public site visitors to vote online or via Facebook on the destination of the donation. The page also highlights the firm’s Citi Rewards program, blending a good mix of Olympic themed advertising with product promotion.  In addition to donating $500,000 to the U.S. Olympic Committee, the firm will give out an additional $10 million over the course of the games as part of the campaign.

Social Media Shines
Social media will play a starring role in these Olympic Games and will serve as a centerpiece for prospect engagement. A number of Visa’s Olympic television advertising campaigns feature Morgan Freeman asking viewers to cheer on their favorite athletes via Facebook and Twitter. More than any other sporting event in history, these Olympics will highlight the uses of social media for individuals and firms.

Visa Olympic Television Advertisement

Closing Thoughts
These are just a few examples of the many financial services firms taking advantage of Olympic viewership to promote their services. Many insurance companies like State Farm, Liberty Mutual and Geico to name a few, have also contributed to the more than $900 million in advertising sold by NBC Universal. While the pressure mounts for the athletes competing in the games, financial services firms are hoping that increased advertising helps them “stick the landing” with their audience.