Firms Celebrate Life Insurance Awareness Month

by on Oct 03, 2016

The 13th annual observance of Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM), an industry-wide initiative to educate consumers about the importance of life insurance, offered an opportunity for new publications and outreach. While industry firms could take advantage of premade videos and social media content from Life Happens, the month’s sponsoring nonprofit organization, and 2016 spokesperson Danica Patrick, they were better able to promote their own products by sharing firm-specific material. This past month, seven Life Insurance Monitor firms did just that and spent September sharing information about the value of life insurance and their own products. Though methods varied—some firms provided advisors with resources and others reached out directly to the public—each firm recognized LIAM as a valuable chance to promote life insurance. In recognition of this year’s successful LIAM campaigns and to spark ideas for next year, we now recap highlights from our coverage group’s 2016 LIAM promotions.

Three firms addressed clients and prospects directly: emails from Voya and USAA reminded clients how life insurance can protect their loved ones and urged them to ensure that they have coverage. A press release from Lincoln Financial Group discussed how consumers may not understand the value of life insurance when saving for college, retirement or health care costs and highlighted the importance of education and awareness. As they reached out to the public, these firms emphasized that purchasing a life insurance policy can provide peace of mind.


Voya Client Email


Other firms equipped advisors to promote their life insurance policies. An article on MassMutual’s advisor site compiled social media and email templates, videos, calculators and tools from across the site and recommended sharing them with clients as part of a discussion about insurance needs. Principal, Prudential and John Hancock each provided a dedicated advisor site page with resources to share during Life Insurance Awareness Month: Principal included templates for social media posts, John Hancock promoted its Vitality products and Prudential guided advisors to tell clients “I’ve got you covered” with introductions to both term and permanent life insurance. By compiling promotional resources and suggesting discussion topics, each firm empowered advisors to take advantage of LIAM and start a conversation about purchasing life insurance.


Prudential Advisor Site Life Insurance Awareness Month Page


Each year, Life Insurance Awareness Month offers a valuable opportunity to remind consumers how life insurance can fit their needs and help their families. Firms that recognize it with promotional materials can connect with advisors and the public to share ideas and suggestions for finding the right policy. By emphasizing how life insurance can protect loved ones and assist with a range of financial goals, firms can launch a conversation that stays meaningful year round.