Firms Seek Client Input

by on Mar 24, 2017

As firms develop new capabilities, helping them modify features to meet client needs, feedback is a valuable tool. USAA recently launched a USAA Labs microsite, describing it in an article as a way for clients to participate as the firm innovates, similar to focus groups. The new microsite shares elements of Liberty Mutual’s private site @YourService page, which has offered information about upcoming client capabilities since it was published in July 2016. Since USAA is a fully integrated financial services company, the scope of USAA Labs expands beyond Liberty Mutual’s focus on insurance. Both firms, however, engage clients with a range of participation options: voting in quick polls, joining pilots, sharing ideas and learning about previously implemented projects.


Both USAA and Liberty Mutual engage clients with quick polls that can effectively gather simple opinions without demanding much time or effort from clients. The Time to Vote tab on Liberty Mutual’s @YourService page currently solicits opinions on three features: live chat, short educational videos and the ability to complete quotes online after starting them over the phone. A What Do You Think? section on the USAA Labs homepage briefly describes how credit and debit card holders could hypothetically set up digital envelopes to organize their money, then asks them to indicate whether they would use digital envelopes with a quick yes-or-no survey.

Liberty Mutual @YourService Time to Vote Tab

Pilot Participation

USAA lets clients enroll in Activities, where they can read feedback from participants about pilot versions of new features. Tiles on the USAA Labs homepage describe each feature, and more detailed Activity pages offer more information and a bulleted list of participation requirements, such as a USAA checking account. The firm will collect clients’ opinions and may use them to adjust features before launching finalized versions. In the future, prospects will be able to participate even without a USAA account.

USAA Labs All Activities Section

Client Ideas

Unfiltered client ideas can be a valuable source of information for firms. The Your Ideas section of the Liberty Mutual @YourService page offers a blank field in which clients can offer input about the Coverage Compass service. While the page limits entries to 500 characters, the section is otherwise unstructured, allowing clients to offer more detailed opinions than brief polls allow. USAA plans to offer a similar capability in the future and will offer innovation idea challenges.

Liberty Mutual @YourService Your Ideas Tab

Implemented Features

Both Liberty Mutual’s @YourService and USAA Labs highlight previously implemented features, which illustrate how the firms use client input. USAA Labs includes a Results page with Before and After descriptions of how client feedback changed capabilities such as biometric authentication on its mobile app. The What’s New tab on the @YourService page announces that clients can now access their Auto ID cards and make policy changes online. These sections serve the double purpose of demonstrating client impact and promoting new features.

USAA Labs Results Page