Fund Firms Using Personalization to Engage Financial Advisors

by on Dec 04, 2017

Tailoring content based on demographics, behavior and preferences can improve the digital experience and set a firm apart from competitors. May asset managers aspire to implement elements of personalization across the online experience, especially those looking to captivate advisor audiences. Firms primarily implement personalization via email marketing, which is often a main driver for website traffic. Beyond emails, however, advisor websites also pose an opportunity to apply elements of personalization. Putnam and BlackRock take two differing approaches, on a small and a large scale, respectively.

Putnam’s Financial Advisor website is mostly blocked from public viewing; however, the site permits visitors to read up to five articles without having to log in. An indicator on the top right corner of the header keeps a tally of read items. The tally serves multiple purposes: helping public viewers keep track of read articles, encouraging account holders to log in and incentivizing new visitors to register for credentials. Putnam exemplifies how a small element of personalization can improve a site experience by encouraging advisors to log in.

Putnam Article Tally

BlackRock’s latest advisor-focused offering, on the other hand, takes personalization to a new level. In October, the firm unveiled the Advisor Center, a robust website where professionals can access a personalized dashboard to manage account preferences as well as tools and calculators to serve clients. The site also boasts detailed product information, a literature ordering system, practice management content and the firm’s award-winning intellectual capital. The Advisor Center repurposes much of the same content already found on the primary website but transitions and repackages it to a separate platform that better incentivizes advisors to log in, which is often a pain point for asset managers.

BlackRock Advisor Center Promotion

Tactful personalization has the potential to heighten engagement by ensuring that visitors are seeing content that is meaningful and keeps them on a site for longer periods of time. Corporate Insight looks forward to monitoring how asset managers will leverage personalization, on both small and large scales, in order to provide optimal online experiences.